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Southall Farm & Inn Development – Traffic Impact Study

  • Mixed-Use development that consisted of an inn, guest cottages, commissary, florist, various retail, office space, depot/warehouse, and event center
  • Six (6) intersections analyzed
  • 4,195 daily generated trips
  • 375 peak hour generated trips
  • Improvement recommendations included:
    • Widen 1,700 linear feet of Carters Creek Pike (TN-246)
    • Traffic signal at the intersection of Carters Creek Pike and Southall Road
    • Northbound Carters Creek Pike left-turn lane onto Southall Road
    • Southbound Carters Creek Pike right-turn lane onto Southall Road
    • Eastbound Southall Road left-turn lane onto Carters Creek Pike
    • Left and right-turn lanes along Carters Creek Pike at two (2) site accesses