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What are Traffic Studies and Why are They Important

Originally published Feb 20, 2018 The Importance of Traffic Studies A traffic study is an elaborate investigation and meticulous analysis of the transportation system in a specific area, which is supported by an expansive collection of data. Usually, traffic studies are used to examine a recurring transportation problem and propose a solution that will yield […]

New Methods Lead to Safer Buildings and Bridges

Recently, civil engineering and research from Kanazawa University proposed a new engineering design and method that can help improve the safety of buildings and bridges. In their studies, researchers discovered the distance between dislocations in nanolayer interfaces of pearlite–a compound consisting of iron, carbon, and ferrite, that’s found in different forms of steel and cast […]

What is Parks and Recreation Planning?

Parks and recreation describe the resources and services that are offered for various leisure and entertainment activities. These resources and services include public parks, nature preserves, trails, indoor/outdoor sporting structures, art programs, environmental programs, etc. While the field of parks and recreation focuses on leisure activities and locations, it also includes resources that are offered […]

Green Infrastructure Planning and Provision

Green infrastructure is a form of management that protects, restores, or imitates the natural water cycle in a more cost-effective manner. While green infrastructure was built on the basis to improve urban environments, green infrastructure planning actually does more than that. This unique process also immensely improves community safety and increases quality of life. Green […]

The Impact Hurricanes Have on Wastewater Treatment

Predominantly known for their high winds, torrential rains, and flooding, hurricanes wreak havoc on the cities and states that pass through. While hurricanes bring with them billions of dollars in damage from their strong winds and rain, they also demolish our carefully engineered wastewater systems. With damaged wastewater systems, storm surge flooding becomes much more […]

What is Wastewater Engineering?

Wastewater engineering, also commonly referred to as sanitary engineering, involves the use of mechanical, biological, and chemical operations to achieve and maintain excellent water quality on a daily basis. Wastewater engineers play a pivotal role in our society, for their rigorous testing allows us to always have pure and clean water to drink and use […]

What is Transportation Demand Management?

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is a branch of Civil Engineering that carefully examines how consumers make their transportation decisions. Though it falls under many names–traffic demand management, traffic demand management, and travel demand management–TDM focuses on creating optimized solutions to traffic congestion, infrastructure costs, parking, and other factors that could contribute to the excess travel […]

The Role and Responsibilities of a Design Engineer

The lucrative field of engineering is one that has a variety of disciplines that all play an integral part in the development and growth of our society. In the many facets that comprise the world of engineering, there are certain engineering positions that provide those with the opportunity to work within the various branches of […]

What Is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering Nashville, TN The job of an engineer is one that yields great importance and necessity. Due to this, engineering is a career that is broken up into a variety of fields. For example, there’s electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, and so much more! Additionally, there’s the field of civil engineering, […]

Nashville Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Transit Referendum

(Photo: Larry McCormack / The Tennessean) Nashvillians resoundingly defeated a controversial plan that would have raised four taxes to fund a transit system anchored by light trail, voting against the historic referendum by a nearly 2-to-1 margin. In a crushing blow to much of the city’s establishment that backed the proposal, more than 78,000 Nashvillians voted […]